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A Lot to Think About

If you wait for your flesh to be crucified in your own strength
You will be waiting a long time
Step through the cross into resurrection power

Your hands are not holy just because of your consecration
But your hands are clean because of My sacrifice
Therefore forsake what lies behind and
Press on toward the high calling

Do not wallow in the pit of self condemnation
For I have cleansed you from sin and its consequences
Come up higher and receive My Mind
For the weight of sin has been washed away
Do not neglect such a great salvation

My Glory is My Presence
And I live in you
I have restored your glory
And yet you continue to struggle
With sin consciousness

Repent when you fall short of the Glory entrusted to you
And do not let your sin to continue to exist in your human mind
Keep your hand on the plow
And do not look back at your sin that
Was judged at Calvary

Lotís wife looked back at what
in her eyes was counted as loss
and physically became a pillar of salt
frozen and unable to move

Rather walk in the miracles and wonders
I have reserved for you
Keep your eyes fixed on Me
And I will perfect your faith

I say to you, your life is hidden in Me
And all creation is groaning
Waiting for your revealing as true Sons of the Kingdom
Who have embraced the fullness of their salvation
And have tasted of the power of the ages to come

I say to you
Fullness is upon you
Let Me transform your mind so that
The eyes of your understanding
Will be open to the truth of My Word

Fulfill your destiny

Vince Aquilino, 2/10/2010


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