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Walk in the Fullness of My Presence

Do not listen to the voice of the enemy
Whose purpose is to kill, steal and destroy
I have redeemed you and translated you
into the Kingdom of My Son
The Kingdom of Light where the Son
is in everlasting ascension

I say to you
You shall always be with Me
I AM your constant companion
My abode is within you
You are imbued with power from on high
And yet you listen to the enemy of your soul

My children
In the wilderness I silenced the enemy
with the Word of Truth
Did I not tell you to hide my Word in your heart
Where it can be quickened by the Holy Spirit in times of need

Devour My Word My children
For it is life and strength to all your bones
Indeed My Word is your foundation
Upon which all else hangs

So release My Word in power
Declare My promises over your life
Find your identity in Me
And walk in the fullness of My Presence

Vince Aquilino

Vince Aquilino, 2/10/2010


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