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I have Orchestrted your Path

My children
As you sojourn on this earth
I have orchestrated your path
For divine encounters

Do you see My footsteps
in front of you
For I have gone before you
To prepare the way

You are never alone my children
I AM with you
I AM for you and
I will never leave you

Through the trials and tribulation
Of your life I AM there
and I have used the trials
To refine you into My image

I have purged you of pride
I have purged you of self-seeking
And now you are ready My children
To forge a new path in the wilderness

For I AM a lamp unto your feet and
together we will accomplish much for the Kingdom

Silence the voice of the enemy with My Word
Declare My promises
And never shrink back
From the destiny I have for you

I say to you
Your good works will follow you into eternity
And there you shall find joy unspeakable
And fulfillment you’ve never known

But now My children
Open your eyes
Be sensitive of the juxtaposition
Of your path and your destiny

Vince Aquilino, 2/10/2010


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